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Thu, Nov. 3rd, 2005, 10:48 pm
whitelikejesus: If only I could rewrite a few questions in the vehicle insurance surveys...

We are almost done the survey, I just have a few questions about privacy.

I'm going to read you two scenarios:

Religious people will sometimes tell you that God has a plan for every living person. For each individual soul, there is a divine purpose. The creation of life involves so many incredible circumstances and variables. It almost seems as if a person's makeup is determined by chance: out of the billions living on the planet, two specific people hook up. Out of the millions of sperm that will race towards the egg, only one makes it through to fertilize. All of these events lead up to the construction of the individual snowflake that is a life. A life with a unique set of behavioral patterns and personality traits, as well as the freedom of decision. God's plan might not become apparent, but at least the option to choose your own path is there. Many people take these things for granted, or don't consider how incredible it is that they are alive. These kinds of people do not have much in common with Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is the kind of person who wakes up to the songs of birds every morning and sings along. Given the time, he would water his neighbour's lawn as well as his own, if it needed watering. He always has compliments to give, and rarely would a voice be given to his negative thoughts. Mr. Smith is comfortable in his own skin, content with the knowledge that he is living the plan that God has laid out for him. Not too many people go to bed at night and have the deep, satisfying sleep caused by fulfilling their potential, but Mr. Smith does. For him, part of living God's plan was simply doing his job every day as a market research interviewer. Calling people during mealtimes, gathering information about where they live, how much money they make, their perceptions of the public image of various corporations, as well as their own individual shopping habits...these were but a few of the duties entrusted to Mr. Smith to keep the wheels of industry and capitalism well-oiled and moving. Clearly he was doing the Lord's work, and it was the main reason why he woke up with energy, a smile, and a sense of purpose every morning. Most people don't live to see their dreams realized, maybe because not enough have tried. Mr. Smith already felt that his existence was miracle enough; he felt extra lucky knowing that he was not like most people. His character was such that when it came to situations involving privacy and providing his personal information to companies, he would gladly give it without hesitation. He knows that in doing this, corporations such as vehicle insurance providers are better able to tailor products and services that meet his needs.
"I like products and services that meet my needs," he caught himself saying aloud one day, "I should give more companies the opportunity to provide me with such things."
He thought of the time he was buying a digital camera at Radio Shack. They had asked for his postal code, and Mr. Smith inquired as to why they needed that information from him. Their response, to his delight, was pleasing: the representative told him that, on days when the company was not thinking about their bottom line, when they had nothing better to do, the decision makers in management would constantly be looking for ways to better serve their customers. One of these ways was to alert them whenever a new product or service became available, something that would fit THEIR needs. Something important to THEM. This concept struck Mr. Smith as nothing but a big bundle of good intentions. He then thought about how people like his grouchy neighbour Mr. Jones could learn a thing or two about compassion from Radio Shack and Manitoba Public Insurance.

Mr. Jones is the kind of person who wakes up every day in a foul mood. Typically he is angered by the nerve of his neighbour Mr. Smith: How dare he water my lawn? It was HIS lawn, no one else's. Mr. Jones feels that Mr. Smith should mind his own business and keep to himself. His soul, being as black, empty, and hardened as it was, felt that it was important that his personal information be protected. He realizes this makes it difficult for companies to tailor products and services to meet his needs, but he does not care. Mr. Jones' peace of mind comes only when he's given the opportunity to unleash his bottled-up venom upon the world.

Out of those two scenarios, which person's situation is closer to how you personally feel?

1 Mr. Smith (proper attitude/likes giving personal information, making it easy for companies to provide services)
2 Mr. Jones (blackened soul/prefers to protect personal information)

Sat, Mar. 12th, 2005, 11:25 am
the_sun_hunk: temperature

Hi guys just a warning that the heat appears to be off today so for those still coming to work I would recommend an extra sweater and/or longjohns.

Tue, Dec. 21st, 2004, 01:12 am
face_less: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

whats up with muriel , she is being so nice to me, man they are desperate for workers, I bet they are not gonna buy it that I have another funeral on thursday, it doesn't end, ever!

K night kids!

Sat, Dec. 11th, 2004, 09:54 pm
the_sun_hunk: pam-i realize i do not have your phone number

girls- i don't think i will come to the party cause i'm getting too tired and stressed out.
but i have so many cookies that we can all eat next week.

Fri, Nov. 26th, 2004, 07:46 pm
the_sun_hunk: (no subject)

just trying to see if this works. a. and i are drinking orange juice mixed with ginger ale and just ate a lot of pasta. watched a bit of joan of arcadia. see the fun you can have w/ the day shift?
we will have other nights don't worry. hope 80's was fun.
we should get d and d involved in this though: those guys are the new metster.

Thu, Nov. 25th, 2004, 09:23 pm
face_less: (no subject)

K so everyone should start posting now, sorry I diddn't attend shannons, i really wanted to go to 80's night, plus I can only afford a 6pack, sorry!

But December 4th is my PRA xmas party with a few non PRA ppl, but mostly angels' friedns and a few of my crazy friends whom of which most of you know!

Thu, Nov. 25th, 2004, 11:27 am
face_less: (no subject)

Hey guys This has been a long time awaiting, hope you like.

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